About the Willowwood Foundation

The Willowwood Foundation:

Currently, the Willowwood Foundation primarily supports restoration and garden projects at the Willowwood Arboretum, and provides annual grants for horticultural interns, garden maintenance and restoration and plantings for the gardens and key collections.

The Willowwood Foundation celebrates the “Lilac Party” tradition of Hal Tubbs and Dr. Ben Blackburn the third Sunday of May each year as its primary fundraiser.

In partnership with the Morris County Park Commission, a topical horticulture lecture series - The Tubbs Lecture - is offered annually in late Spring honoring the memory of Robert and Henry Tubbs, owners of Willowwood.

In 1960, Dr. Ben Blackburn and Russell W. Myers, Landscape Architect and Secretary Director of the Morris County Park Commission (1957-1983), established the Willowwood Foundation to protect the Willowwood treasure.


The Willowwood Foundation is a non profit (Section 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue code) educational organization incorporated in 1960 in the State of New Jersey to nurture an appreciation for and knowledge of botany, horticulture and the natural world through its support of public education, written materials and facilities to promote use, access and information about native and exotic plants.

The Willowwood Foundation needs and welcomes your support and invites you to join a most unique organization which is working to preserve New Jersey’s Garden Heritage.

Yes, I want to help. All donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Click here to go to our Donate to Willowwood page where you can even donate on line.

Willowwood Board of Trustees:

  Meryl Carmel, President
Brace Krag, Vice President
Alice Cutler, Secretary
Leslie Allain, Assistant Secretary

Bill Blackburn
Margo Dana
Heather Emelander, President, Friends of the Frelinghuysen
David Helmer, MCPC
William Moran
Suzann Murphy, 2022 Lilac Party Co-Chair
Anne Peterson, 2022 Lilac Party Co-Chair
Kristen Peterson
Katie Porter, Trustee Emeritus
Barbara Shepard, President, MCPC
Dan Will, Trustee emeritus
Peter Williams

Willowwood Foundation, PO Box 218, Gladstone, NJ 07934
Email: wwfoundation@willowwoodfoundation.com