The Gardens at Willowwood


The Gardens

Our Gardens:

Bee Meadow
Cottage Garden
Cypress Pool
Hacklebarney Field
Hillside Pasture
Lilac Collection
Long Meadow
Monarda Meadow
Pan’s Garden
Rockery, Chive Walk and Rosarie
Winter Garden

Garden Etiquette:

  • To maintain the beauty of the arboretum please enjoy viewing the plants but do not touch, damage or collect any plant material.
  • Please do not climb on trees or shrubs or step into garden beds. Don’t wade or drop items into the brooks and pools.
  • PLEASE follow Social Distancing Guidelines and wear masks for everyone's safety.
  • Please, no pets, no smoking and no active sports.
  • No Smoking Permitted at Willowwood
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch or tapas while watching a sunset, but please dispose of trash properly.
  • PROFESSIONAL Photographers must obtain a permit for photo sessions from the Morris County Park Commission. Call 862-325-7756 for reservations and further information. See our FAQ page for more information.

Within the core garden area surrounding the Tubbs residence are several formal gardens: Pan’s Garden, the Cottage Garden and the Rosarie. However, the pervading feeling at Willowwood is one of pleasant informal paths through open areas and woodland, all carefully developed since Henry and Robert bought the property in 1908. Collecting and growing distinctive plants of all kinds became the continuing hobby of the brothers for half a century and many specimens date from their initial plantings.


The gardens and trails are open Daily 8 am to Dusk, and are free to the public. For everyone's safety, please wear masks and abide by social distancing recommendations.

Additional Information About the Gardens

We have three pages about our gardens that should of interest to visitors:

First is a live map with descriptions of each area appearing as you move your cursor over the map. Click here to go to the garden map page.

The second page holds lengthier descriptions of each of the gardens and structures on the property. Click here for the Garden Description page.

Finally, the third page gives seasonal highlights of the Willowwood Arboretum. Click here for the Seasonal Highlights page.

Introducing the Morris County Park Commission and Willowwood Horticulture Staff

Director of Historic and Interpretive Sites

MARK INZANO, Manager of Horticulture

Assistant Superintendent of Horticulture: Willowwood, Bamboo Brook, Kay Center

Superintendent of Horticulture, Frelinghuysen Arboretum

NICK STEWART, Horticulture Foreman, Willowwood

ZINNIA CHEETHAM, Plant Records Specialist and Propagator

KRISTE SHAW (retired 2021)
Gardener, Willowwood

DYLAN SHAPIRO and THYRA KELLY, Assistant Gardeners, Willowwood

Brace and Meryl with Kriste Shaw, retiring after 35+ years at Willowwood. Click to enlarge.